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i wonder if actors ever get their scripts and are like

well this is fucking stupid

#i bet the glee cast does

the HIMYM cast reading the finale

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"Do you think the final episode might not live up to expectations?"

- everyone’s immediate reaction during the awkward pause after the interviewer asks if the finale is really that good -

Neil: *internally screaming*

Alyson: probably not

Jason: Josh, you take this one

Josh: “um…”

Cobie: “well…”

You know you wrote a bad finale when even the cast doesn’t even like it.

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A Poem From The Doctor

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The cast of How I Met Your Mother impersonating their fictional selves.


If you look closely at this picture of Beauty and the Beast, you can see snow on the ground.


If you look closely at this picture of Frozen, you can see snow on the ground.




This must mean that Belle is Elsa and Anna’s second cousin twice removed and that the Beast is one of Hans 12 brothers and that Gaston and Olaf are twins. 

Damn Disney. You really outdid yourself with this one. Well played. 

How I Would Have Done How I Met Your Mother


…seasons 8 and 9 (semi-complete-redo). *this is bound to be long and probably no one cares but I need to write this down for my sanity.

Where we left off:

S7E24: Ted realizes that he has a history of bad relationships with every girl he has dated except for Victoria, and makes it a plan to contact her. Ted is conflicted when Victoria meets up with him on her wedding day and asks him to runaway with her. Lily and Marshall have Robin take pictures of the baby’s first day. Meanwhile, Barney and Quinn are arrested by airport security while on the way to Hawaii when Barney refuses to open a box they are travelling with. On Barney’s future wedding day, his bride is finally revealed, it is Robin. Ted tells Victoria to not blow her happiness on cold feet (her husband is a sensible sexy German and not a ridiculous cliché with an accent so fake it’s pathetic) and takes the train back to NY from Farhampton. There, he meets a girl who apparently has his old yellow umbrella.

And then…

S8E1To calm an anxious Robin on her wedding day to Barney (in a flash forward), Ted recounts the story of how he persuaded Victoria to work through her nerves and cold feet by realizing why she wanted to marry her husband in the first place, revisiting important moments of Robin’s and Barney’s relationship. Meanwhile in the past (series’ present day), Barney attempts to hide the fact that he and Robin used to date from Quinn, but Quinn learns the truth when sleep-deprived Marshall and Lily accidentally blurt it out. 

S8E2Barney prepares a comprehensive pre-nup, causing the other guys to think about relationship amendments for their significant others. Tension sparks among the couples when Quinn sets up her own pre-nup proposal. Ted meets up with Victoria who thanks him for setting her on the right path and finally says goodbye, assuring him that the right woman for him is right around the corner.

S8E3Lily and Marshall have trouble finding a nanny when Barney comes up with an elaborate scheme to meet girls after he and Quinn fell out. Meanwhile, Robin and her former therapist Nick remain to go steady and Ted feels left out. He tags along as wingman for Barney and meets Tracy, the girl with the yellow umbrella again. 

S8E4When Lily and Marshall can’t decide on who to appoint as godparents for baby Marvin, they put the gang to the test to see who would be the best choice. Ted appoints a third party judge; Tracy. We learn that she is in a relationship.

S8E5As the season of break-ups continues, Tracy shows up at Lily’s doorstep to get her opinion on her boyfriend’s proposal. We learn that her first fiancé died tragically and that she is afraid to move on. Meanwhile, Barney uses a dog as his wingman which worries Robin. 

S8E6Barney helps Robin break up with Nick, when she is hesitant to do so herself. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall desperately look for some time alone. They appoint Tracy and Ted as babysitters while they take the night off. Tracy is a natural with Marvin and Ted learns about Tracy’s old roomate - his ex Cindy - and also about her very recent engagement.

S8E7Marshall recommends his old law school classmate Brad for a job at his firm, but the interview goes awry, leaving Marshall to do damage control with his boss. Meanwhile, Robin helps negotiate Barney’s return to the strip club circuit. Ted unwittingly enlists himself as Tracy’s wedding planner.

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1. People never change. You may think they have changed. Heck, you may even spend nine years with them watching what you think is the process of them growing and changing.. but that is all shit. People never change. People don’t improve or develop. They will always go back to who they were.


Yes, yes I am still bitter. :)

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Everyone who got dragged back into Glee because of their ship